KlasCement points: we reward your cooperation!

KlasCement encourages the sharing of learning objects. Nothing new there, but from now on we have made that more tangible. Members who share teaching resources, experiences, reactions … will benefit more from KlasCement than those who never contribute anything. In this way we hope to hear more from all our members.

The principle

KlasCement consists of records. Each page with search results displays up to 10 records. To see the details of the record, you click ‘Read more…’ and you are invited to log in.

Upon registration every member receives 1000 points.


Those who enrich KlasCement with teaching resources, news items, websites, reactions … win points. In this way those who join us in building KlasCement are rewarded and have the possibility to view more records on KlasCement or get a thank-you or come into the spotlight.

Winning points is easy:

Adding contributions

  • adding an activity to the calendar: +40
  • adding an article: +60
  • adding a document: +70
  • adding a site: +50
  • adding a site you made yourself: +100
  • adding software: +100
  • adding an exercise: +50
  • adding a lemma (only on the languages site): +40
  • adding an image: +30
  • adding audio: +50
  • adding video: +70
  • adding a product to the lib: +40

Giving reactions

  • posting a reaction to a contribution: +10 till +20
  • giving a score (stars): +5 till +10


  • recommending a contribution (mail this contribution): +5
  • recommending a forum message (mail this subject): +5
  • recommending a newsletter (mail this newsletter): +5


  • posting a message: +20 till +40
  • receiving nice scores (5 times 3 stars or more): +20
  • receiving positive appreciations (10 times thumbs up): +10
  • giving a reaction to a message: +10 till +20

You also get 20 points for your birthday.

And to celebrate our 50,000th member, everyone got 100 extra points.

We also have the possibility to grant points to individual members, for example for having delivered an extraordinary effort, for having added an exceptionally valuable contribution etc.

We will surely organize days of ‘doubled points’ or days when we grant extra points for certain contributions, for example for vocational education …

A schoolish method, that’s clear. After all, KlasCement is and stays a portal for and by the educational community and with this method we hope to stimulate your involvement.